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[Error] at EnvDTE.Property.set_Value(Object lppvReturn)



I have downloaded the AddIn and tried to generate but it gives me an error.

See the log attached.

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ffernandez wrote Feb 28, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Hi Vipul, can you upload the log again but as a file? I can see that it was shortened by CodePlex by a 10000 max characters restriction and this only lets me see that you had a couple of errors because of not having the Solution open, and then an error because it could not create "EntitiesToDTOs.temp.cs" file, but then it logs a copule of info messages and gets shortened not letting me see what was the final error.
If the final error is still the "Unable to add EntitiesToDTOs.temp.cs" then in the mean time you could search for that file in the target folder and delete it yourself, then generate again. I'll still look into that, but please reupload the complete log.

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Associated with changeset 25508: Fixed Work Item #1044.

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