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Is there an issue vith 3.2 MSI? VS2013 does not see the Addin


In my environment My Documents is on the network drive - this is where 3.2 MSI package created the Entities toDTOs folder with all the files including the DLL and Addin XML files. I had to add this folder to the VS2013 Plug-in Security so that it could find it but the tool isn't being shown by VS. After a few minutes of researched I added the following section to the AddIn file.
    <Name>Microsoft Visual Studio</Name>
The tool still does not show up in the Tools menu but is shown in Tools->Addin Manager. However, when I enable it there I get the following 'Unspecified Error'.

Questions - isn't version 3.2 MSI supposed to work with VS2013? How do I make the Addin integration work? Thanks.

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asychev wrote Nov 23, 2015 at 7:29 PM

Responding to my own question - Do not attempt to use v3.2 MSI if you are trying to integrate with VS2013. Use the following MSI instead: TEXT