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Since v1.0
  • DTOs generation from EDMX file.
  • Support of Entity Types.
  • Support of Complex Types.
  • Support of Nullable Types.
  • Support of all Scalar Types.
  • Support of Entity Associations.
  • Support of Entity Inheritance.
  • All generated classes are partial to allow you to extend them in other source files.
  • No need to modify generated code.
  • You do not need to delete previous generated source files, they will be updated automatically.
  • Logging system allows you to easily report bugs.

Since v2.0
  • Generation of Assemblers! (to map Entities to DTOs and vice-versa)
  • User configuration Import/Export per EDMX and Projects! (Useful for Team-Development)
  • Remember last used user configuration at startup!
  • Optional generation of DTOs Constructors!

Since v2.1
  • Using Visual Studio IDE Error List pane to show EntitiesToDTOs warnings and errors.
  • Using Visual Studio IDE Status Bar for Import/Export notifications and other messages.

Since v2.2
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012.

Since v3.0
  • DTOs and Assemblers can be generated inside project folders!
  • Choose the types you want to generate!
  • Support for Visual Studio 2012 !!!
  • Support for new Entity Framework EDMX (format used by VS2012) !
  • Support for Enum Types!
  • Optional automatic check for updates!
  • Added the following methods to Assemblers!
    • IEnumerable<DTO>.ToEntities() : List<Entity>
    • IEnumerable<Entity>.ToDTOs() : List<DTO>
  • Indicate class identifier for DTOs and Assemblers!

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epasho Mar 20, 2014 at 4:08 PM 
Would it be possible to specify the properties you want to map?